Queensland Baptist Pastors

Malyon Vocational Training has a stream of training in the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology specifically designed to equip people for pastoral ministry in a Queensland Baptist church. The modules have been developed in response to information provided by currently serving pastors around the knowledge, skills and practices required to be an effective minister. There is also a strong focus in this training stream on personal and spiritual formation as the foundation out of which a person ministers to others.

This stream of training is endorsed by Queensland Baptists as one of its preferred training tracks that will lead towards a person becoming a registered pastor in a QB church. It is particularly suitable for people who are new to pastoral ministry who are looking for a breadth of training across a range of theological and practical subjects that will lay a strong foundation for future learning and development. Students in this stream will need to have a ministry placement in a church setting where s/he can exercise the skills s/he is learning in the course.

We recommend that people who are looking to apply to become a registered pastor with Queensland Baptists first contact the Formation Coordinator at QB, Stephen Ball on Stephen.Ball@qb.org.au

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