QB Church Internships

Malyon Vocational Training by its very name seeks to work with Queensland Baptist churches to support the equipping and training of people for ministry. One way we are able to partner with churches is in the development of an accredited training qualification that can be accommodated within a church’s internship program.

Typically, a church introduces an internship program for the purpose of intentionally developing people in ministry knowledge and skills. It usually follows an apprentice model where the intern is placed with a leader in the church, who mentors the intern and provides him/her with opportunities to participate and lead in ministry endeavours. Alongside this, there is a benefit for interns to engage in a structured course of study, and this is where Malyon Vocational Training comes in.

So if your QB church is interested in developing an internship program in your church that includes accredited training, then please contact us here, and we can chat further with you.