Most development programs aren’t focussed

By Andrew McCafferty | 23 Jul 2015 | Articles

In a recent blog post from the Centre for Creative Leadership, Nicholas Petrie tells a story of when Warren Buffett met Bill Gates (the 2 richest men in the world) at a Party and Bill Gate’s father asked them, “what is the one thing that has most helped you succeed?”.  Without hesitation both men said “focus”.

camera focus

As Petrie continues he says, “most leadership development programs aren’t focussed.  They are a grab bag of general topics that leaders might need (or the trainers have content on), which is no longer enough.”  I think Petrie is onto something.  Good leaders are busy people and don’t have time to give to training that is not scratching their itch.  Petrie has been doing extensive research to find out what leaders want training in.  He has arrived at what he calls the big 3 – Change, Collaboration and Leadership style.  His target group is leaders, mostly in business settings, but I would think that his findings would correlate quite well with leaders in Church settings as well.

We are at a stage of development at The Training Collaborative where we are concerned that we develop training programs that will scratch the itch.  We’d be interested to hear from you as to what that is for you.  Does it align with Petrie’s big 3? – Change (ie the skills to navigate successfully through change – whether you are the driver of the change or a participant), Collaboration (knowing who you should be looking to connect with and the best way to do this) and Leadership Style (knowing how to best relate to those you are leading  so as to create the most productive environment for your ministry venture).