Training Streams in 2018

TTC will be offering streams of training through the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology to address:

Church Planting

Is God stirring you to initiate and lead a new Christian community? TTC in collaboration with Queensland Baptists’ church planting arm, Mission to Queensland, is keen to support you in this venture by offering training that is designed and delivered by experienced church planters. Expressions of church can be varied and wide ranging. Our training seeks to help you explore different models of church expression, with a focus on helping you understand yourself as a leader and the particular gifts that you bring to the mission. For more information click here

Pastoral Ministry

Are you looking to be trained for pastoral ministry, or just starting out leading in a church? TTC’s training for pastoral ministry seeks to provide people with a solid foundation across the breadth of ministry knowledge and practice that pastors are required to draw on. Most ministry training is heavily weighted towards equipping in knowledge, and pastors trained in this way often feel ill equipped to engage in many of functions of ministry that are relational and managerial. Our training seeks a balance across knowledge, ministry skills and personal spiritual formation. For more information click here

Ethnic Ministry

Are you part of church serving a particular Ethnic group and seeking to grow in your ministry and leadership capacity? Are you a pastor who is newly arrived to Australia and seeking to live out your calling in your new country? TTC in collaboration with Queensland Baptists’ Ethnic and Multicultural ministries offers training for people involved in leadership in Ethnic churches. For more information click here