What social media platforms tell us about education

By Andrew McCafferty | 07 Aug 2015 | Uncategorized



While driving to a meeting last night I turned on the radio and  listened to an interview about social media platforms.  The two dominant platforms as we all know are facebook and twitter.  The specialist made the observation that while both these platforms seek to connect people they serve different purposes.  Neither is better, they are just different.  Some people move across the two platforms freely, but most people I know have a preference – they are either facebook people or twitter people.

That got me thinking about the different models of education.  In our post school education world there are two education platforms, if I can use this language.  There is Higher Education and Vocational Education.  Both these platforms seek to educate, train and equip people.  But they are different, like facebook and twitter.

And like the people who engage with facebook and twitter, while some may flow across Vocational Education and Higher Education quite freely, most will likely have a preference for one or the other.   In some ways, up until relatively recently when most people thought about accredited ministry training there was only the Higher Education option.  Without doubt there is some great training and learning that takes place through this form of education.  But I have met a good number of people who have attempted ministry education in this environment for whom the saying “square peg in a round hole” applies.

Ministry training through the Vocational Education model is still very young and perhaps yet to demonstrate its full value.  We at The Training Collaborative want to raise the awareness of this alternative approach to ministry training, so that those people for who are less than suited to “Bible College”, can find a style of education that fits them better.  So if you are on this website because you are looking for an alternative to the traditional form of ministry training – then welcome.  We hope that we can find a place for you in our training.